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«Multi-Functional Decentralized token»

ZerroXBToken Project 0xbt.
Motto: "Make money yourself!"
The main program for distributing ZXBT tokens has been

Preparation of the second stage is underway


What is it?

ZXBT is a standard ERC20 token, so you can hold it and transfer it.
Most of the smart contract code is copied from GitHub.
Other than that… 
You can post messages to a smart contract and too when you send a token. 
Will ZXBT be traded on any exchanges?   I hope so. 
And that's all ....

Is free?

A total of 210000000.000 tokens.
1. 20% of tokens will be distributed free of charge.
2. Next 20% of tokens will be on sale at the various decentralized crypto exchanges.
All profits from the sale will be credited to the first owners of 20% of the tokens.
3. The next 30% of the tokens will be put up for sale 4 months after the start of the project. 
All profits from the sale will be credited to the first owners of 70% of tokens.
And so on.....

What do we lose?

All are tired of falling cryptocurrency in recent weeks.
But we can and make some money.
Oh, I almost forgot .... 10% of sales for me and my cat.
Motto: "Make money yourself!"
Governments will not help us...


I am


My Cat


And you

Project members

ZXBT - Multi-Functional token

1. Signature of the token transaction.
2. Sending messages (texts, small images, files) to any Ethereum address.
3. Publication of small images in the blockchain of the Ethereum.
4. Sending to any Ethereum address of hashes of documents and contracts, their publication for signing or confirmation of authorship, with confirmation of evidence in the blockchain of the Ethereum.
5. The ability to store encrypted information in the blockchain of the network Ethereum.

Contract Address:

ERC20-TOKEN ZerroXBToken Project 0xbt Adress

Read Smart Contract

Send tokens or message (file)

ForkDelta | Decentralized Ethereum Token Exchange

N.B. Token ZXBT has certain functions.
Remember: using these functions, do not violate your
own laws and laws of other countries!


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